“Tribe is not something. It is everything. The people, places, and things you interact with frequently are in your tribe. How you interact determines if it thrives”

- Brett Labit

Who said the world doesn't revolve around you?

Whoever said the world doesn’t revolve around you, obviously did not understand the world. In fact, it does revolve around you. Your world does, which is the only world you have, interact with, and impact. You are at the center of it and get a chance to steward it well. The awareness of this is what I call Tribe Consciousness and leading yourself well will give your tribe a chance to thrive. I share more in this video. Happy Tribing!

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Richard Lewine

Brett is true to his philosophy. . .it is about relationships. He co-founded TribeUP wtih Tom on the premise of Tribes being the fundamental human collective. He continues to follow that path. His quiet commitment to Tribeup contributes to its success. His galleries thrive because of it. I have listened and learned from Brett.

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Bhadass Creations

Highly Recommend partnering with Brett in any way you possibly can if you were considering it at all. His no-nonsense approach, experience, and values are aligned with having a world that works for everyone. He should be recognized for his contribution and I see him leaving a legacy behind for the world to follow.

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Shari Weller

I’ve had a lot of business coaches over the years and Brett is the best of the best! His authenticity and tribe building mentality is brilliant and his compassion for his clients is unparalleled. If you are looking to grow personally and professionally and looking to grow your network, Brett is your guy!