Creative Gateways

Creative Gateways is a unique fine art experience. We have an eclectic offering of art and artists from all over the world.We believe in giving our guests a deverse range of art mediums to enjoy and a diverse range of artists working with those mediums. Guests visit our Kuivato Location in the popular Tlaquepaque Arts and Crafts Village in Sedona, AZ from all over the world. Here they can experience the architecture and landscape of a beautiful village. Looking for luxury? No problem! Visit our Creative Gateways location located next to Neiman Marcus on the upper level in the luxury… Read more →


A thriving tribe is the result of a network of contacts that agree to apply accurate, thoughts, activities, and habits to create a thriving ecosystem and economy inside the group. It is collaborative, conscious, and responsible allowing an environment for personal and professional success at all levels. As you belong to a thriving tribe and start building your own, you can overcome significant marketplace and social challenges. Tribing up is more than a digital placeholder. It is an agreement of real partnership and collaboration for the win/win/win/ Read more →